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Soul Treasure books and resources help parents, teachers, educators, counsellors, therapists, child psychologists and coaches to support children to overcome anxiety, heal from trauma or abuse, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence and cultivate resilience. Our books include fun and practical tools and strategies for helping anxious and sensitive children in 2024.

Children's Books for Sensitive Kids

Soul Treasure books are healing tools.

Our books take children on incredible journeys into their own souls as they discover their soul treasure.

Symbolised by gemstones and jewels, our soul treasure is our inner strengths such as creativity, happiness, courage, imagination and much more.

Children will feel empowered to embrace their soul treasure everyday. This helps to enhance their emotional wellbeing and supports them in becoming more resilient, confident and capable.

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The Power of Play!

Children love to play! And I am all about play! Whether it's dress-ups,
making cubby houses or make-believe, children thrive through play.

  • Is playing games important?

    Yes! Play is so beneficial for children. It engages both the logical and creative parts of their brain. Play allows children to be creative and imaginative as well as developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Does play have emotional benefits?

    Absolutely! Not only is play joyful, it provides children with an outlet for anxiety and stress and encourages the healthy development of their identity and self-esteem as they experiment, pretend and create.

  • Find Your Treasure™

    Soul Treasure’s Find Your Treasure™  game is a simple, fun and inspiring game. Explore for treasure, solve clues and connect through the power of storytelling to discover your soul treasure! Suitable for homes, schools and kindergartens.


Gemstone Affirmation Card Kits

Which Soul Treasure do you need today?

Children will love holding the smooth, colourful gemstones.

Match the gemstones to the affirmation card and to the colourful illustrations in My Soul Treasure.


Why We Love What We Do

  • This is truly special – not your average children's book. It is so well written and relays such an important message in a simple and easy to understand way.... A must have for any special child in your life

    Emma | Age 43

Hi! I'm Kate

I’m a Mum, wife, geologist and author. I am inspired to create healing books and resources that help you to support and heal sensitive, anxious and empathic children. So they grow up feeling empowered, confident, resilient and full of joy.