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Find Your Treasure Game

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The Find Your Treasure Game has arrived!

This fun and inspiring game is designed to help children connect with their authentic selves and discover their inner strengths.

Find Your Treasure offers a unique and innovative way for parents, teachers, and therapists to support children's wellbeing through play, real gemstones and storytelling.

The game is available in two kits - the 'HOME KIT' and the 'CLASS & THERAPY KIT', each thoughtfully crafted to help children explore their inner strengths at home, school or the therapy room.  

Each kit contains:

Treasure Hunt Game: the clue cards ‘Find Your Treasure’ are an integral part of the adventure. These cards feature fun, simple, rhyming clues for children to solve. The clues point to the location of objects in their home, classroom or therapy room. Children just adore deciphering the riddles, leading them closer to the treasure!

Real Treasure Discover a bag of real gemstones and crystals which children love to hold and admire their vibrant colours, along with matching affirmation cards, to introduce them to their inner strengths.

Storyteller Cards: Encourage children to discover their inner strengths with inspiring Storyteller Cards. Each card includes a message describing each inner strength and prompts for parents and teachers to share a personal story from their own life when they felt that inner strength shine bright.

At its core, Find Your Treasure fosters positive self-esteem, resilience and empowerment in children. It's a tool to help them ignite their potential and guide them on a path of self-discovery by introducing them to their inner strengths -  their soul treasure!


“The kids just love the treasure hunt game! They keep playing it over and over! They are 11, 8 and 6 and its usually hard to find games that they all enjoy playing together - but they just love this! They take in turns hiding the clues and trying to find the gems.” - Susie, Mum of three.

“The kids are having a ball, we have played the gem game about 50 times! Even our 17 year old nephew had a turn to hide the gems!” - Renae, Mum and Teacher

“The kids really enjoyed solving the clues. They loved the rhyming verses. When the treasure was found, there was much excitement in the room! We brought it back to the mat and sat in a circle where we opened the bag and looked at each gem one at a time... we talked about the colours, read the gemstone affirmation card, and passed it around to hold and feel. We played calming music during this time. Once we had looked at all the gems, we orally shared some stories based on the storyteller cards. I think this would be a valuable tool to use in health lessons, where at our school, we focus on the zones of regulation and really being in tune with how you are feeling. It aligns with the virtues, which our school embeds in all aspects of schooling” - Michelle, Pre-Primary Teacher